Established in 2003 by Andrew Stiller, A. Stiller Coopers is located in the heart of Australia's Premier wine region, the Barossa Valley. Andrew Stiller is the sixth generation to reside on his family property just outside of Bethany. He prides himself on knowing the wine industry well and helping winemakers to achieve the best results possible through select use of oak, using various applications. The first of his family to learn the trade of Coopering at the age of 16, Andrew has since gained experience from various regions of France and America, and has over 15 years experience on the tools. Working hands on without automated machinery, gave Andrew the fundamental skills of the trade, and the knowledge to tackle a variety of projects. With a passion for quality, mind for innovation, and love for tradition, the cooperage works with winemakers to create improved techniques for individual wines. Because every wine is unique.